Famous Entrepreneurs

Quincy’s nickname – Birthplace of the American Dream – doesn’t just refer to John Adams and his role in bringing about American independence. It also honors two world-famous businesses that got their start in Quincy: Howard Johnson’s and Dunkin’ Donuts! In 1925, Howard Johnson borrowed $2,000 to buy a corner drugstore and soda fountain in Quincy’s Wollaston section. That first store laid the foundation for what would become a coast-to-coast chain of 1,000 restaurants and hundreds of hotels. Twenty-five years later, in 1950, William Rosenberg changed the name of his Quincy doughnut shop from “The Open Kettle” to Dunkin’ Donuts – and an international franchising giant was born. Howard Johnson’s and Dunkin’ Donuts – two Horatio Alger success stories that illustrate why Quincy is truly the birthplace of the American dream!

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