Crossing Nines at Granite Links Golf Club

When Granite Links first opened, there was a small shed at the junction where our three 9-hole golf courses crossed paths by the Driving Range. It was a place to grab a bottle of water as you made the turn. We still refresh golfers passing through, but now the Crossing Nines "turnshack" is a destination spot all its own!

Locals come up the hill for a refreshing lunch break, and in the evening, the Crossing Nines draws people from all around!  It's the perfect spot for casual dinner and end-of-day drinks as you watch gorgeous sunsets over the golf course, Boston skyline and harbor islands. Gather with friends to relax in the Adirondack chairs or comfy cushioned sofas by the glowing firepit and leave the day's troubles behind.

100 Quarry Hills Drive
Quincy, MA 02169