Blue Hill Observatory and Science Center

Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory, located at the top of a scenic mountain range south of Boston, is a unique American institution. Founded in 1885 by Abbott Lawrence Rotch as a private scientific center for the study and measurement of the atmosphere, it was the site of many pioneering weather experiments and discoveries. The earliest kite soundings of the atmosphere in North America in the 1890s and the development of the radiosonde in the 1930s occurred at this historic site.

Today, the Observatory is a National Historic Landmark and remains committed to continuing its extensive, uninterrupted climate record with traditional methods and instruments. The recently established Science Center expands this mission by enhancing public understanding of atmospheric science.

The Blue Hill Observatory is located at the summit of Great Blue Hill on the Blue Hills Reservation at the junction of Routes 93 and 138 about 10 miles south of Boston. The closest parking is at the Blue Hill Ski Area or the adjacent Trailside Museum at 1904 Canton Avenue in Milton, MA. Hiking trails lead to the summit from these parking areas. The summit access road is not open to public vehicles; the walk up the hill to the Observatory along the summit road is approximately one mile. Trail maps and information are available at the Trailside Museum.

1 Observatory Service Road
Milton, MA 02186
Phone: 617-696-0562